Roberts Canada Soccer Academy is not only about playing soccer. It’s about being the best person you can be. In addition to soccer skills, we teach our players life skills such as respect, good decision making on and off the field, hard work, discipline, education, responsibility, etc.
We just not only promise players and parents with big dreams but deliver results.

Mission Statement

Our main objective is to develop complete soccer players and teams in the mental, physical, technical and tactical areas of the game, in a safe and supportive environment. To instill in young players, positive core values and an excellent work ethic, providing our team players with a platform to succeed at the profession levels of soccer. 

At Canada Soccer Academy, we believe in quality not quantity and to create an environment that:

  • Promotes excellence
  • Nutures talent
  • Systematically converts this talent into professional players capable of playing professionally anywhere in the world.

Vision Statement

To provide the best environment for elite soccer players in Ontario and across Canada by providing the highest quality player development programs, coaches, training, competition and leadership.

We promote good sportsmanship, encourage high standards of performance and conduct on and off the field requiring discipline, hardworking, commitment, respect, honesty and humility.

"The success of any soccer academy would only be as good as the recruiting, coaching and training programs. Whatever we do as Coaches or Scouts, it must be player focused. The needs of our players must always come first."